Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Blog That Needed Fixing, a well-meaning nudge to Internet

Dear Internet, my next review this coming weekend will be different and much much nicer.

It would be “different” because I thought of utilizing some control, or call it discipline, over my ideas when I put them on page; only sieved impressions about a certain book would make their way on a post from hereon. It doesn't mean that the previous one was not. Though I suspect that it sounds like one, but really it was one of my gentlest nudges so far about a particular novel. Because, you see, contrary to some opinion, that review betrays a lot about me. It simply shows how much I care for that book. Which is a lot. That explains my anger when I read it and found it lacking something in my point of view. But I was very happy when I saw that book being featured in Time Magazine. I even spent money and time for that book. I was proud of the author, Miguel Syjuco, a truly Filipino writer, making a behemoth attempt to breathe life to our Philippine literary scene.

When I said "nicer", I mean just that. The tone would be. The structure is another. It would be less jackass, more kickass. It would be written with less brandy in my system. In short, it would be "much much nicer".

Will it be meatier as one reader demanded in her comment? Depends how one defines meaty or not meaty review, but we all know what she means by that, and I'm up for the challenge, or at least try to make it one.

But there’s one thing I can assure her though, it will be a boner.


  1. Yo Nas, Berd here. I want to learn how to be a critical reader because I want to write a really good book review. Do you have any tips for your wannabe reviewer here? I'll treasure any advice. ~_^

  2. Sorry for a very, very late reply, Baudelaire. The thing is I forgot the password and access of this blog. But better late than never right?

    So here we are, Baudelaire! I am back. Only thing I can give you right now is to read a lot of books. With a library of books inside your head, you will have plenty of them to compare. I mean when you've just finished reading a book you can compare it to other books and the level of enjoyment you get from each of them.

    That's for now. There will be a lot more for future posts. Just enjoy reading and appreciating good books out there! Cheers!